Jerry & Angie Varner

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Owners of Making Memories Tours

We started our Missouri travel agency in Washburn, Mo., in 2009, with the goal of providing comfortable motorcoach tours offering interesting places to see and experiences at a great value. We always have a ball laughing, playing games and making new friends along the way. We would love to hear from you with your ideas, suggestions.

We also participate in travel expos every year to stay up-to-date with the latest in travel highlights in order to continue to provide excellent travel experiences for our clients.

Greg Varner, CTP
Product Development and Logistics
Greg has joined our team in January 2017. He is an extremely fast learner and his eye for detail comes in handy in this business. Oh, by the way, he also calls the owner of the company—Dad.
MMT - Ragan Andrew
Ragan Andrew, CTP
Group Travel Specialist and Media/Marketing
Ragan relocated from Washington State where she spent 16 years in city government marketing the tour and travel industry while combining festivals and events with group travel!

Ragan has now joined the Making Memories Team as the group sales and marketing manager. Her primary responsibilities are to communicate the values, benefits and opportunities Making Memories Tours has to offer with church leaders, senior activities directors, and various club and group leaders across the U.S. She is also responsible for our monthly e-newsletter and social media department.

Di Rose-Webb
Di Rose-Webb
Tour Guide
Di has over 20 years of experience as a tour guide. She has been taking travelers coast to coast to places they never thought they would see and having tons of fun getting there.

She taught Jerry the ropes in the tour business. To Angie she is Mom, and to Jerry, she is the best mother-in-law in the world. Di would love to hear from you.

Mandy Hamblett
Logistics & Operations
Mandy serves Making Memories Tours in a variety of ways. Because she does not shy away from a challenge, she is a good fit to help micro-manage multiple details so bus tours operate without a logistical hitch.

Mandy’s acquired chaos-management skills come largely from raising her five children.

She is truly delighted to be called Mrs. Jack Hamblett and so, her self-imposed title, “Jack of all trades” fits well. We are overjoyed to have Mandy “officially” on board. Her great attitude and sense of humor make her a priceless addition to the MMT family.
Connie Molder
Connie Molder
Tour Guide
We are happy to announce starting in the summer of 2019 Connie joined the Making Memories family. After retiring from a 40-year career in education (a Geography teacher …isn’t that handy?) Connie is ready for more travel adventures.

Her goal is to set foot on all seven continents and 100 countries; so far, she has five continents

and 78 countries under her belt. She began the bulk of her international travel after visiting each of the 50 states but even in the U.S. there is so much more she wants to see! In Connie’s words, “You can never replace the feeling that comes over you when you are able to see something you have only dreamed of for many years! Travel is my passion and I look forward to helping others make some unforgettable memories.”
Suzanne Brown
Suzanne Brown
Tour Guide & Logistics
Suzanne's wanderlust was nurtured in the Ozarks during childhood, but a 4-H trip to Washington, DC opened her eyes to the history, culture and magnificence beyond the hills and farmland of the Ozarks.

As a retired English teacher, she loves a good story. The stories collected during her many travels range from visiting the Library of Congress to Maspero's in New Orleans where Andrew Jackson signed the treaty to end the War of 1812. New Orleans of course, begged a visit to Cajun country for some mouthwatering seafood and an evening of Zydeco! Exploring ghost towns, Colorado Native American dwellings and the cliffs overlooking Big Sur, Suzanne has found America to be a blessing that provides a story and adventure alike at every turn.

While this beautiful country is a true marvel to behold, the world has astonishing stories to share. Because Suzanne travels and is willing to experience the awe and mystery of other places and peoples including cathedrals, architecture, graveyards, artistry, landscape, languages, various modes of travel and unique cultures, to name a few, which provide opportunities she just cannot get at home. Suzanne's personal motto can be summed up like this, "Every location has a story that speaks to those who will listen."

Suzanne is excited to collect more stories, adventures and memories traveling with YOU!
Patti Beth Anderson
Tour Guide
Patti Beth loves to travel and share God’s creation with others all over the world. She is a travel professional with experience in guiding national and international tours for over 25 years—quite impressive for a farmer’s daughter growing up on a farm in rural Oklahoma! In 2007, after twelve years of leading her own successful bank travel program, she started her own group travel company called “Good to Go with Patti Beth.”

Her natural enthusiasm is evident in her attention to detail, professionalism and the occasional appreciated surprises she “springs” on her travelers. From Tulsa to Tanzania, from the Antarctic to Australia, Patti Beth treats each trip as an adventure to be fully experienced and enjoyed.

While the safety of those she is entrusted with to guide is her number one priority, she focuses on her travelers getting the most enjoyable, fun-filled and rich experience during their adventure. The number of trips, places and countries she has shared: numerous; the photos and videos of her trips: countless; the memories: priceless. We welcome travel professional Patti Beth Anderson to Making Memories Tours!

Jerry David
Jerry David
Customer Service and Operations
Jerry has been with Walmart for 35 plus years in a variety of leadership positions primarily concerning finance and office procedures. For us, this is like hiring a “Tom Brady” to play for a little home town football team! Yes! It’s that big of a deal! We are so blessed to have this Godly, Christian man helping us run the office!