Discount Information

New for 2018

We have changed our tour discount information; we hope you take advantage of ALL the savings you can receive…


If you pay for ANY tour with a check, money order or cash you will receive a 3% discount on the tour. Examples: If you paid the deposit by check, yes that $3 will be taken off the balance. If you paid by credit card your deposit and the balance by check the balance will receive the 3% off the amount.


We are raising the bar on these this year. Come find out about the savings are better than ever before! (Must be present to receive this discount)


If a deposit is made before the date that is shown as the “Early Booking Date” on the tour page stated in catalog or shown on our website. You receive a 3% discount up to $100 per person. A deposit for normal motor-coach tours is $100 per person. A tour with airfare or a cruise, the deposit is $250 per person.


We are unable to combine Tour Preview Show Discounts and Early Booking Discounts; you receive whichever is the greatest amount. Example: The Tour Preview Show has not come to your town yet, but you want to make sure the trip does not sell out before then. You can pay your deposit early receive the 3% off. When you come to the Tour Preview show come by and make sure we write you down, and we will change your discount to the Tour Preview Discount.