June 30, 2024 - July 8, 2024

Fireworks over New York

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Tour Description

Your package includes deluxe transportation and accommodations, all listed tour fees, and 12 meals.

On this patriotic journey, we cross under spacious skies and through amber waves of grain to celebrate America’s birthday in one of the greatest places in the world - New York City! And there is no better time to visit this historic town! So, join us as we hop on the big red bus and salute Uncle Sam in 2024

Day 1:

Our adventure begins as we cut through America’s Breadbasket, traveling through Missouri and Illinois before arriving at the hotel in Plainfield, IN.   NYC Map

Day 2:

Meals: Breakfast

We leave the Midwest and head toward the East Coast and the birthplace of America. Spend the day getting to know your fellow patriots before we arrive at our hotel in Mechanicsburg, PA

Day 3:

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Hello, New York! After enjoying an included lunch here in the Big Apple, we meet our Step-On-Guide for a 4-hour tour of this dynamic city. Our knowledgeable guide weaves NYC history and anecdotes together to provide an informative, entertaining, and thorough New York experience. Make sure to keep an eye out for any places you may want to visit later. Once we get the lay of the land, we make our way back to our New York City hotel. Feel free to settle in because we will be staying here for the next 4 night

Day 4:

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Our day begins with a trip to meet Lady Liberty! The majestic Statue of Liberty is a global icon. Her proud face has inspired thousands of people since France gave her to the United States in 1885. Just beyond the statue is Ellis Island, the island where many tired, poor, and hungry immigrants arrived hoping to achieve the American Dream. It is amazing how much history these two little islands hold! After crossing onto the mainland, we will visit a more recent memorial. At the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, we not only remember the 2,977 people who lost their lives on that infamous day but also the way our country came together in a way that had not been seen in decades. This spirit is reflected at the Freedom Tower, the largest tower in the Western Hemisphere and yet another testament to America’s resolve to “Never Forget.” With the American spirit firmly planted in our hearts, we return to our hotel to rest.

Day 5:

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Happy Birthday, America! And our birthday present to you is a pre-paid excursion with NYC Sightseeing Bus Tours. Hop on and off these double-decker buses at your leisure. Purchase some unique NYC souvenirs. Grab a hotdog or a BIG NYC-style slice of pizza from a street vendor. Or just take time to look up at the towering skyscrapers. But make sure to set your alarm because you will need to return to the hotel in time to celebrate Uncle Sam’s birthday in style. We climb aboard the Hornblower and enjoy a tasty dinner on this 5-hour dinner cruise. But we didn’t travel all the way to NYC just for great cuisine. As the sun goes down, NYC explodes in color with a truly spectacular fireworks display. Stand atop the deck as the sky resounds with majestic reds, greens, golds, and blues. As the fireworks dance against a background of skyscrapers, NYC never looks more beautiful than when she’s celebrating the birth of America. With images of America’s glory imprinted in our minds, we return to our hotel to prepare for our last day in NYC

Day 6:

Meals: Breakfast

To honor Independence Day, you have the freedom to enjoy the city for a full day! We hop back on the double-decker buses to explore the city once again. Head over to Broadway to catch a show, get some sun at Central Park, go head-to-head with Wall Street’s Charging Bull, or cruise down the bright streets of Times Square. NYC has something for you no matter who you are or what you like!

Day 7:

Meals: Breakfast

We wave goodbye to the New York City skyline traveling westward where we will visit the Flight 93 Memorial. The Tower of Voices marks the entrance to the memorial. This 93-foot tall windchime contains 40 chimes, one for each brave person who perished on Flight 93. This amazing structure, along with the memory walls and debris field, combines art, history, and reverence to create a truly spectacular memorial. After learning the story and paying respects to these brave souls, we proceed to our New Stanton, PA, hotel

Day 8:

Meals: Breakfast

Leaving the bright lights of the big cities, we make our way back across America’s heartland to Terra Haute, IN, for our overnight. Take time to share pictures, compare keepsakes, and retell New York City adventures with your fellow travelers

Day 9:

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Home Sweet Home. Today, we return home with hearts full of patriotism and minds full of memories

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