June 20, 2022 - June 30, 2022

Civil War Battlefields

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Calling all History Buffs, Nature Lovers and Military Adventurers! Making Memories is proud to present this one-of-a-kind trip through time. This adventure combs through the Civil War Battlefields, outlining military strategies, reviewing soldiers' struggles and experiencing the tragic victories that finally unified a torn nation.  

Day 1:

We board the big, red bus today for a journey back through America’s tumultuous past. Our first stop is in our own backyard. Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield is just a stone’s throw from Republic, Mo. Considered the second major battle of the Civil War, the battle of Wilson’s Creek was a tactical southern victory.  We learn all about this conflict from our Step-On Guide and visit the Wilson’s Creek Museum. Afterward, we overnight in West Memphis, Ark.  

Day 2:

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Continuing southeast, we arrive at Shiloh, Tenn., for a tour of the Battle of Shiloh and a chance to see one of the largest displays of battlefield artifacts at the Shiloh Park Museum. This clash resulted in 23,746 casualties, more than in all of America’s previous wars combined! From here, we head over to Hagy’s Catfish Restaurant for an included lunch filled with Southern classics. After this delicious feast, we resume our journey, arriving at the Stones River Battlefield in Murfreesboro, Tenn. This battle was a close call and a much-needed morale boost for the Union side. We stay in South Petersburg, Tenn. for our overnight tonight.      

Day 3:

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Our company moves east today, arriving in Georgia at the Chickamauga Battlefield. Considered the second bloodiest battle of the Civil War, ranking only behind Gettysburg, Chickamauga was a decisive Union victory and some even consider it the “death knell of the Confederacy.” During our guided tour, we will learn all about this Union victory and even get the chance to see some of the weaponry used during the battle. Leaving the battlefield, we arrive in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. to get freshened up before an evening dinner and show at the Dolly Parton Stampede! Relax and enjoy tasty Southern Comfort food as performers sing and cowboys (and cowgirls) show off their equine skills. It is a fun and memorable way to end the day!  

Day 4:

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

We spend the first part of the morning on the road before arriving in Abingdon, Va., for a tour of this little-known area. Although no battles took place here, several local merchants turned their homes and businesses into hospitals to aid the soldiers on both sides. One of these places is The Tavern, a steakhouse built in 1779. As one of the oldest buildings in Abingdon, this charming den has seen the struggles of a fledgling nation as well as the strife of the Civil War and every issue since. If you choose to do so, you can even walk up to the third floor of the building where you can see the markings on the wall indicating the locations of each Civil War hospital bed! What an amazing piece of history! We continue to Lynchburg, Va., and get some rest at our hotel.    

Day 5:

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Another busy day of history awaits us! We are in Virginia today, the state with the most Civil War battles. Today, we will be visiting three of the major campaigns. The first is the Appomattox Court House: the site of the Army of Northern Virginia’s surrender and the end of the Civil War. This eight-day campaign was long and bloody, but in the end, the nation was once again unified as General Lee surrendered to General Grant. Staying in Appomattox, we visit the American Civil War Museum to learn more about what took place during these tumultuous years as well as enjoy an included lunch at the Foundry Building. After lunch, we head over to the Chimborazo Medical Museum in Richmond, Va., In response to the overwhelming number of sick and wounded Confederate men, hospitals popped up everywhere. One of the most famous was the Chimborazo Hospital because it was one of the largest hospitals, with over 75,000 patients in three and one-half years. It was also very organized, utilizing the 100 abandoned Confederate barracks to house the men. After a full day of history, we overnight in Richmond, Va., and prepare for another day of history.  

Day 6:

Meals: Breakfast

Richmond awaits! This morning, we pick up our Step-On Guide for a tour of Richmond, including the White House of the Confederacy, Brown’s Island, Virginia Governor’s Mansion, Confederate President Davis’ office and much more! This knowledgeable guide will take us on a journey through the city that was the center of it all! We’ll have some time in downtown Richmond to grab lunch before hopping back on the bus and traveling to the Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville Battlefields. Known as the “Bloodiest Landscape in America,” this one national park was the site of four Civil War Battles: Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Wilderness and Spotsylvania Court House. Together, these conflicts resulted in over 105,000 casualties! We arrive at our hotel in Manassas, Va., where we will be staying for two nights.

Day 7:

Meals: Breakfast

Our day begins at the Manassas Battlefield, also known as the first and second Battles of Bull Run. As the war began, most American’s thought the war would be over quickly, so they lined up to watch the “show” at Manassas Battlefield. However, those spectators did not see a quick scuffle; instead, they watched the first major bloody battle that launched the Civil War. We resume our historic trek, arriving at the infamous Ford’s Theater for a tour and time at the museum to look over artifacts related to President Lincoln’s assassination, including the gun John Wilkes Booth used. We end the day with time to reflect at the Lincoln Memorial. This 19-foot-tall, marble statue of Lincoln reflects the monumental role he played in unifying a torn nation.    

Day 8:

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Leaving Virginia, we head northeast to Maryland to visit the site of the Battle of Monocacy, the Confederate’s northernmost victory. Although this was a Southern success, the battle delayed the Confederate’s arrival in Washington D.C., allowing Union reinforcements to secure D.C. Our troops advance to Gettysburg, considered the most important engagement of the Civil War. This decisive Union victory was the turning point of the Civil War, prompting President Lincoln’s famous “Gettysburg Address.” We end our activities in Gettysburg with dinner at the Dobbin House Tavern. This establishment, located in the heart of Gettysburg, was built in 1776 and features homemade food in an inviting atmosphere. Our overnight is in Gettysburg, Pa.  

Day 9:

Meals: Breakfast

We head west today, making our way toward home. Spend today reminiscing with your fellow travelers, reviewing pictures or just resting from our historic campaign through time. We arrive in Springfield, Ohio, for our overnight.

Day 10:

Meals: Breakfast

We continue our way homeward but have one last fun adventure in store! At Conner’s Prairie Living History Museum, you’ll get the chance to see what a Civil War town was really like. Explore authentic shops, listen to actors tell stories about their life or just take a stroll through the beautiful scenery. Whatever you decide to do, this immersive experience into the past is an experience you will never forget. We arrive at our hotel in Valley Park, Mo., for our last night together.

Day 11:

Meals: Breakfast

All good things must come to an end, but you’ll keep memories you’ve made and the history you’ve lived in your heart for the rest of your life.