July 1 – 8, 2015

Washington DC and 4 Presidents Later


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Tour Description

At 239 years of age, the United States of America has reached quite a respectable age. Have you ever spent her birthday in Washington, DC? If not, then this carefully crafted trip of a lifetime is eight jam packed days of history and celebration with you in mind! Every single American should have the privilege to visit these places and peek behind the curtains of history, learning some wonderful information about four specific founding men of our nation who laid the groundwork for us to enjoy our freedom. With a visit to Arlington National Cemetery, a fireworks celebration on the 4th of July and touring Mount Vernon, Montpelier, Monticello and Ashlawn-Highland, you’ll come away with a fresh appreciation for all that our nation has given us in the 239 years of her existence.

Day 1:

Lodging: Drury Inn & Suites

We begin our awesome tour with a travel day. Our destination will be Indianapolis, Indiana. One of the best perks of our coach tours is not getting lost, no parking fees and no Garmin required. Simply stress-free travel on your part!

Day 2:

Lodging: Hampton Inn and Suites Meals: Breakfast

One more day of traveling is a necessary element for a big pay-off on this wonderful trip. So today, kick back and read that great book you’ve been too preoccupied to pick up or mingle with all the new faces on the trip; actually, there’s time to accomplish both. Soak in the road scenery and catch a catnap too.

Day 3:

Lodging:  Marriott by Courtyard Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

This morning we invite our own private guide to welcome and inform us during a detailed tour of Washington, DC. You’ll be on the nation’s most hallowed ground where over 4 million people visit annually at the Arlington National Cemetery. We will also have moments of contemplative time at places such as Library of Congress, Marine Corp War Memorial, Air Force Memorial, Supreme Court, lunch at the U.S. Capitol, National World War II Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and more! Making Memories invites you to dine as our guests at Dinner Carmines where the table is open with huge portions; family-style serving in the traditional Italian American feast honor. Our night time will include a very special night viewings of the Martin Luther King Memorial, Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial and Jefferson Memorial.

Day 4:

Lodging: Marriott by Courtyard Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Today is simply your day to spend it how you wish – maybe at one of the Smithsonian’s or choose from the many other options. Isn’t that what birthdays allow us to do? You know, today is America’s day! Happy Fourth of July!! Tonight, we will board the Spirit of Washington for a dinner cruise along the Potomac River: great view with great food. Tonight you can expect the National Fireworks display while on the river. Now, that is a memory to be anticipated!

Day 5:

Lodging: Hampton Inn & Suites Meals: Breakfast

Last night proved to be a birthday to remember! And so beginning today, we will remember a few of the men who helped create the very need to celebrate the 4th of July! This morning we will visit Mount Vernon, George Washington’s homestead showcasing his farming genius. George Washington is the only US President who never occupied the White House. He lost more battles than he won, yet his leadership helped secure America’s Independence. After lunch on the grounds, we will travel down the road to tour James Madison’s Montpelier, located in the heart of Virginia’s wine country. Montpelier was Madison’s lifelong home. This environment nurtured the man who is the Father of the constitution, the architect of the Bill of Rights and a distinguished President of the United States.

Day 6:

Lodging: Hampton Inn and Suites Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

We’ll start by visiting the home of a man who served the USA for over five decades of his life. Visiting this mountaintop home of the 3rd President of the United States of America gives us an intimate look at the man who believed America could be the place for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our nation has Thomas Jefferson to thank for his dream of this great nation. Visiting Monticello will give you the background to Thomas Jefferson’s ideas for a better future. Our hearty lunch will be at the Michie Tavern where homemade southern fare is served in the actual tavern and inn dating over 200 years. Our afternoon tour will be exploring the 5th President of the United States homestead. James Monroe’s Ashlawn-Highland Home proved to be a sanctuary of thinking for this solid and able leader who negotiated the Louisiana Purchase.

Day 7:

Lodging: Drury Inn and Suites South Meals: Breakfast

We have to turn back west this morning and head for home. This will be a travel day as our destination for our overnight will be Nashville, Tennessee.

Day 8:

Meals: Breakfast

A full day of travel delivers you back home today. What a beautiful tour we have just been privileged to experience. We do hope that we have fulfilled your expectations and that you will always travel with Making Memories Tours.