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  • Nashville~Graceland~Music Hall of Fame~Grand Ole Opry
  • New York City~Statue of Liberty~Time Square~Broadway
  • Washington DC~White House~Washington Monument~Lincoln Memorial
  • Portland/Salem, Oregon
  • Seattle/Spokane, Washington
  • Los Angeles, Sacramento/San Diego, California

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Corporate Travel Leader,

Has your company started traveling again or beginning to talk about traveling after COVID-19 has faded? Traveling through the pandemic – safely, confidently, and smartly – is now the top priority. And we’re here to help you and your colleagues do just that. While business travel was greatly reduced due to the pandemic, our world didn’t stop turning and our technology kept advancing.

At Making Memories Tours we know that time is precious, and companies are looking to get back in front of their customers and engage in business face to face. When planning group travel, the best decision you can make is choosing a professional and experienced travel company that is willing to work with you one on one to create the most cost-effective travel for your colleagues/partners. Whatever your groups interests may be, let our team build a tour for you. We offer simple and easy terms, with basic straight forward pricing.

Business Travel is still important? Simply put, nothing quite closes a business deal like a handshake. There are plenty of reasons for business travel, but sometimes, putting a face to a name goes a long way when it comes to developing a business relationship or partnerships. Depending on the type of business travel, it can serve many different objectives for your company.

What types of Business travel do we work with?

  • Conferences and Meetings – If there’s a meeting or conference related to your business or industry that might be worthwhile for growth or networking opportunities, you might want to think about going the distance.
  • Corporate Events – Corporate events take many different forms and functions, including meet and greet, business to business, or strictly company employee gatherings. Corporate events often present networking and marketing opportunities, and the chance to meet peers face to face while engaging in instructional training.
  • Incentive Travel – Incentive travel is business-related travel provided by a company that is designed to motivate their employees, usually to achieve a goal. A corporate-sponsored trip to an enticing destination not only offers a great reward but it also inspires company loyalty. In turn, the employee is given encouragement, networking opportunities and an awesome incentive!

What we offer:

  • Complete and easy tour planning and operation with one professional travel planner.
  • Receptive and wholesale services.
  • Destinations throughout the United States, Canada, and International.
  • Groups of all ages and types: Adult, Senior (seasoned) Adult, Travel Clubs, Church Groups, Bank Travel Clubs, Corporate Business Travel, Board retreats, Family Reunions, Girlfriends Getaways, Golf, Fishing, or any other special occasion.
  • Creative, customized tour itineraries that provide unique experiences, including theme trips.
  • Extensive tour support including customized promotional PDF masters, detailed itineraries, and the Making Memories Tours Tour Tool Book.
  • Provide transportation and step-on guides.
  • The best researched, affordable tour options for all groups/travelers.
  • Marketing support
  • 24/7 tour support
  • Fully Licensed and Insured

We look forward to serving your groups needs in the future! Thank you for your time and consideration!


Ragan Andrew CTP
Group Sales & Marketing Manager
Making Memories Tours
P.O. Box 309
Hazelwood, MO. 63042



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YES! Most group leaders enjoy leading their own group, however we can provide a Making Memories Tours "Tour Manager" as an option should the need arise.

Yes! We try and stop every 2-2.5 hours for a convenience stop. There is a restroom on the motorcoach for those can’t wait moments.

Yes, we offer trip insurance. We work with one of American’s Premier Travel Insurance Agency. Contact our office for more details. (888) 845-9582

As you sign up for your trip there will be dates for deposits and payments and you can look over the cancelation policy as every trip is different.

Meal tips are always included, and, on some occasions, other tips are included. The Itinerary and Inclusions will list which are included. Generally, tips for drivers or Tour Managers are NOT included. (Tip guidelines for a good job are generally $3-$4dollars a day each.)

We ask that everyone bring 1 piece of luggage. You may bring a carry-on or personal item, with a weight limit of 50lbs. Baggage handling is included at all hotels for your convenience.

We make every effort to accommodate food allergies. There is a place on your registration form that indicates this. We can only assist if you notify us at least 14 days in advance of your tour. **Please note that Making Memories Tours does everything we can to ensure your food allergy is accommodated, however we cannot guarantee NO CROSS Contamination in any public setting.

YES! We rate every tour by the activity level you will experience. They are rated to the best of our ability: Levels Below:

Tours will be rated on “could be” Activity Level

1 – Low Level: minor walking, minor standing, minor activity

2 – Medium Level: Medium walking, possible stairs, some standing

3 – Higher Level: More walking, stairs, standing, all combined possible

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