July 28, 2018 - August 3, 2018

Made in America

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What made America what she is?  It can be argued that American ingenuity is the spark that has led America to become the beauty that she is.  All across this great land are thousands upon thousands of examples of American ingenuity and each one started with a dream of creating something better.  As fun as it might be we cannot take you to see them all, however, on this journey through the heartland of America we will get to see some prime examples of what people can do with the spark of ingenuity. We will be privileged to see inventions such as farm equipment made to feed the nation, transportation masterpieces that conquer the open road and a factory run by the blind. This all goes to show that when an average American has a dream and the will to see it through…nothing is impossible.

Day One:

Today we begin our journey taking a look at the American Spirit as we travel through America’s heartland to our overnight in Terra Haute, IN.  Leave all your cares and worries behind and jump on the bus with Making Memories where you have the freedom to choose to meet and get to know your fellow American travelers or you can just sit back, relax and let us take care of you.

Day Two:

Meals: Breakfast

Since today is Sunday and a lot of things aren’t actually in production, let’s have some fun before diving into the theme of “Made in America.”  Our travels take us into Indianapolis, IN where we will spend part of the day at the Indianapolis Zoo.  Home to more than 1,600 animals and 23,000 plant species, the zoo takes you from one fascinating ecological system to another.  After our time at the zoo, we hop back on our bus and begin making our way northward to our hotel for the next two nights in Middlebury, IN.

Day Three:

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

We have a unique and exciting day ahead of us as we take a short drive to the Annie Oakley Perfumery.  If you’ve ever been curious about how perfumes are created, then you are at the right place as these folks are the professionals and will show us all about the process.  Be sure to save some room during lunch today for desert, because our next shop takes us to DeBrand Chocolatier.  After viewing the process of making fine chocolate, you’ll have the opportunity to sample these gourmet treats.  We’ll switch from chocolates to something a bit less sweet (but still delicious) as we head on over to Sechler’s Pickles.  As we tour this plant, we’ll learn all about the pickle making process and, of course, have the opportunity to take some of these delicious snacks home.  Before we head back to our hotel, we’ve got another tasty treat for everyone.  Dinner tonight will be at the famous Das Dutchman Essenhaus (translation: The German Restaurant) for some incredible comfort food.

Day Four:

Meals: Breakfast

Today we’ll be leaving the countryside behind as we head toward the Windy City.  That’s right our next stop takes us into Chicago to see an incredible made in America city.  We’ll be taking in a view of the city from the Willis Tower Skydeck, the highest observation deck in the U.S.  At 1450 feet the Skydeck offers a stunning unobstructed view of the skyline.  From there a person can see up to 50 miles away into four different states.  This breathtaking view really impresses upon everybody a sense of just how much people can accomplish.  From up here, you should be able to spot the next stop on our journey, Chicago’s Navy Pier.  Opened to the public in 1916, the Navy Pier is a Chicago landmark where you will be enjoying your lunch and a little free time.  After exploring the pier, we start making our way west saying goodbye to Illinois as we cross over into Iowa where we will be overnighting in Dubuque.

Day Five:

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Since we’re in Iowa, it’s only right that our focus shifts over to agriculture.  Who has been perhaps the most instrumental name in America’s agricultural history?  That’s right:  John Deere.  Today starts out with a trip over to the John Deere Tractor Cab Assembly Operations where we will have the opportunity to go in and get a behind-the-scenes look at how these incredible machines are brought to life and how all the pieces come together to create the machines that feed America.  After learning about farm equipment, it makes sense to next visit a farm.  Hansen’s Dairy will take us through the process of how the milk makes its way into your refrigerator.  This tour includes the opportunity to get hands-on (quite literally) and milk a cow!  But if it’s the finished product you’re interested in, don’t worry because there will be farm fresh ice cream to taste.  Jump back aboard the bus as we take you to our overnight in Des Moines, but before you get too comfortable, there is still dinner to be eaten.  What better place in Des Moines to enjoy dinner than at Machine Shed Restaurant, a special place dedicated to the American farmer and famous for its delicious food?

Day Six:

Meals: Breakfast

We’ll continue westward today into Nebraska to a factory that makes something very near and very dear to every one of us (at least I hope).  Outlook Nebraska, Inc. manufactures toilet paper.  Now if that doesn’t perk up your ears, get this, Outlook is operated by the blind.  Established in 2000, this amazing company’s mission is to help the blind and visually impaired by providing them with careers.  Outlook now provides much of the “paper” used by the U.S. military and other government agencies.  Talk about American ingenuity, this factory was created with the goal of being operated without the use of sight.  After our tour of this truly unique place, we’ll head on over to Omaha’s Old Market for lunch and some free time to shop before we start making our way south to our overnight in Kansas City.

Day Seven:

Meals: Breakfast

This is our last day together, but instead of going straight home we have one more special example of things made in America.  The freedom of the open road is something that just feels American and good especially when you’re sitting on a Harley motorcycle cruising the country.  Our final stop on this adventure takes us to  Harley Davison Vehicle & Powertrain Operations where we will get a first-hand look at how these wonderful roaring machines are built.  Well if this journey didn’t make you proud to be an American, I don’t know what will.  We hope you had a great time and made memories, and of course we hope to see you again.