July 10, 2018 - August 2, 2018

Alaska: The Last Frontier

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Alaska, the land of the midnight sun, is known for her vast wilderness, arresting landscape, abundant wildlife, and impressive history.  Here at Making Memories, we’re going to be taking a trip through Northern America, across the Canadian Rockies, and into The Last Frontier.  Beautiful rugged mountains, raging rivers, crystal clear lakes and wide-open ocean are just some of the adventures in store for us.  Come prepared with your passport, your camera, and a few extra memory cards to hold pictures of those dramatic views while we traverse snowcapped mountains, lush green land, and sparkling waters.

Day One:

Today, our luxury coach departs for the trip of a lifetime.  We head northward today and stay overnight in Sioux City, IA.

Day Two:

Meals: Breakfast

Breakfast prepares you for the day ahead with a morning stop at Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD.  This is the world’s only corn palace; it is an agricultural heritage site of South Dakota.  Years ago, the people of this area displayed murals of corn to improve the bounty of the soil.  Today, new corn murals are created every year to honor this tradition.  The first of many unique sites to behold!  Continuing onward, we make our way to Bismarck, ND where we will be staying the night.

Day Three:

Meals: Breakfast

All right folks, pull out your passport because we’re going to Canada!  We begin our trek across the deep, rugged land of Canada by landing overnight in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  This region is known for growing ½ of the entire quantity of Canada’s food exports.  Can you imagine the beautiful farm views we’ll have as we enter and leave this place?  The excitement builds as we get steadily closer to Alaska.

Day Four:

Meals: Breakfast

Our traveling today just happens to take us by the Billion Dollar Mall, once the world’s largest mall. So, of course, we’ll stop!  Then we load up our goodies and head to Edmonton for the evening.  This is the “Gateway to the North” as well as Canada’s sunniest city.

Day Five:

Meals: Breakfast

The next few days we travel many miles along the famously beautiful Alaskan Highway.  We stop in Fort Saint John, which is the oldest trading post along the highway.  We will be staying the night here.

Day Six:

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Our journey continues onto Muncho Lake, where the jade green lake is the showpiece of the area; and where we will be spending our evening.

Day Seven:

Meals: Breakfast

Moving along toward the Yukon, we pause for a lingering morning break at Laird River Hot Springs: a REAL hot spring with abundant natural beauty located along the boardwalk.  At kilometer 1,426, we land in southern Yukon at Whitehorse, Yukon, named because the rapids held such resemblance to the mane of a white horse.

Day Eight:

Meals: Breakfast

On day 8, you’ll need your passport handy as we again enter the USA to spend the evening in Tok, AK: the official welcoming committee of Alaska.

Day Nine:

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

The travels on our first morning in Alaska bring us somewhere perhaps unexpected: The North Pole, or at least, the Alaskan town named North Pole. While in North Pole, let’s drop by Santa’s House for a visit. Upon leaving Santa’s, we meet up with our Step-on-Guide for a guided tour of the city of Fairbanks.  Now, if you’re ready for some traditional Alaskan food, then tonight you are in luck because we have planned for everybody a Salmon Bake Dinner! We’ll be staying here in Fairbanks for the next two days.

Day Ten:

Meals: Breakfast

Now today is all yours, all day long. You may wish to enjoy an optional Flight to The Arctic Circle, wander the area with your camera, or maybe just sit back and soak up the midnight sun.  In Fairbanks, there is plenty for everyone to see and do.

Day Eleven:

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

I hope everybody slept good last night because we’ve got an action-packed day of adventure planned for everyone!  This morning we experience a fascinating scenic river cruise. Now, that’s how to make some memories!  Our afternoon special is a Gold Mine Tour. This area is the most famous in the state, and we’re here!  Tonight, we arrive at our accommodations in Denali National Park.  Our evening will be hosted by the Alaska Cabin Nite Dinner Theater, where we see old time Alaska performed in an authentic log cabin and are fed amazingly well.

Day Twelve:

Meals: Breakfast

This day is yours for the taking! This is your chance to personally explore this wild frontier.  There are multiple options: you can rest and relax for the day, opt to take a Tundra Wilderness tour, hike on your own, or even arrange for River Rafting with gentle rides up to class four rapids.

Day Thirteen:

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This morning, we hit the road, or should I say, rails as our journey continues by train into Anchorage. What better way to marvel at Alaska’s gorgeous, rugged scenery than by rail?  This scenic train ride takes us from majestic Denali National Park, through mountains, over rivers, and across some of the most beautiful scenery on Earth, and it gets even better!  Our train features large, curved glass windows that run the full length of the car, allowing excellent 360 degree viewing, perfect for picture taking and staring in wonder. This ride also includes the unique second level outdoor viewing platform, and if that isn’t enough for you, we also enjoy some very fine dining while on board our luxurious ride through the Alaskan wilderness.  Our day riding the rails comes to an end as we arrive in Anchorage where we will be staying the night.

Day Fourteen:

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

The beautiful city of Anchorage is set among the coastal Chugach Mountains with average summer temperatures of 65 degrees!  Here we enjoy a guided city tour of this fine northern city.  Now after this wonderful experience, how does an Alaskan Wildlife Cruise sound?  Explore the calm, protected waters and rugged coastline of Resurrection Bay; experience up-close encounters with wildlife as we pass along massive bird rookeries and sea lion colonies, stopping along the route to view passing whales and otters; see alpine glaciers tucked in the surrounding Chugach and Kenai Mountain Ranges; and cruise by Bear Glacier, a piedmont glacier and the largest glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park.  Oh, did we mention we’ll be enjoying a delicious dinner while onboard? Can’t get better than that, can it?  After our cruise, we make our way to our ferry where we will be spending the night out on the open water.

Day Fifteen:

You can spend today sleeping in, lying in bed relaxing, or step on deck and check out the ocean view as our ferry carries us onward toward our newest adventure.

Day Sixteen:

Our ferry makes landfall today, giving us time to go check out the Mendenhall Glacier. Gaze upon blue ice bergs floating in the water amidst reflections of Southeast Alaska’s magnificent Coast Mountains. We then have a little free time this evening to enjoy Juneau on our own, but don’t party too hard tonight because we’ve got an early morning coming up.

Day Seventeen:

Early this morning, we board back on our ferry and continue on our way south.  We will be spending the evening on the Ferry.

Day Eighteen:

The ferry takes us ever southward as we cross into Canada where we will be going through customs. After this, we arrive at Prince Rupert Port, home to the deepest natural harbor in North America.  This afternoon we have the opportunity to explore North Pacific Cannery.  Our guide connects us with the salmon canning industry, highlighting the people, living quarters, workspaces, and functions of a remote cannery.  Here we can enjoy live demonstrations of cannery machinery and learn about the unique living experiences of the workers as our tour leads us from the earliest days of salmon canning to the modern methods that take place today.  After our time at the cannery, we head over to our hotel here in Prince Rupert for our overnight.

Day Nineteen:

Meals: Breakfast

Today is a travel day, and we ride on “The Yellowhead Highway” also known as highway 16.  What some say is one of the top 5 scenic highways in the world this highway takes us through much of British Columbia and into Prince George, an important contemporary trade city for this region. It is also known as the “Northern Capital” because it is the largest city in northern British Columbia. We will be staying the night here.

Day Twenty:

Meals: Breakfast

We depart Prince George this morning and continue homeward, but we still have some amazing sites to see before we make it back home.  Today, we make our way by scenic views that are every bit as stunning as our time in Alaska.  We stop at Lake Louise for an incredible photo opportunity.  After seeing these awe-inspiring sites, we head over to our overnight tonight in Banff, AB. What better place to stay the night?

Day Twenty One:

Meals: Breakfast

Today, we are heading back south, crossing the border back into the “Good Ole U.S of A” and landing for our overnight in Lewistown, MT.

Day Twenty Two:

Meals: Breakfast

Travel Day:  Our journey takes us in 3 states today.  Montana, Wyoming and down to Nebraska where we will be spending the night in Scottsbluff.

Day Twenty Three:

Meals: Breakfast

Travel Day:  Our travels take us across Nebraska as we end up in Lincoln, NE for our overnight stay.

Day Twenty Four:

Meals: Breakfast

And our final day brings us home after 24 amazing and memorable days together!   We’ve seen breathtaking views, extraordinary sites, majestic mountains, captivating waterfalls, scenic river ways, seemingly untouched wilderness splendor…and ingenious ways mankind has survived and thrived in this wild frontier.  The elk, moose, bear, salmon, halibut, otters, fish, and whales all call this magnificent place home.  It is pure delight for Making Memories to accompany you on this trip of a lifetime!